Our first steps to sustainability.

Over the past few years we have been moving away from travelling the world to creating a life in Australia.  The idea of becoming sustainable has started to become more appealing to us, as we have become acutely aware of the environment and our effect on it. We now have the ultimate goal of moving to Tasmania, buying a rural property and becoming fully self sufficient – Although this is still quite a way away this blog will detail our journey to self sufficiency.

Currently we are living in South Australia, about 40km south of Adelaide.  Until very recently we were the kind of people who absolutely no thought or care about our impact on the environment, we would use our air conditioning almost all of the time, we made a half hearted attempt at recycling, we would waste a lot of food and we would drive absolutely everywhere.

We have decided to start small and keep making small changes to our lives to decrease our impact on the environment, become more self sufficient and hopefully save some money in the process.

The changes we have made so far are: only using the air conditioner if it over 38 degrees outside and never having it turned up all the way; buying six chooks (Aussie for chicken,they will start laying any day now, riding our push bikes whenever possible, and yesterday we made our first attempt at growing something – we bought 3 strawberry plants, 4 tomato plants, and basil and coriander plants. We also sold our second car and this has increased our use of public transport, our bikes and our own legs to get about!


John with the chicken ringleader!


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