Using our legs more (and cars less)

Up until three months ago we had two cars, and one of those was a 6 litre V8, so was most definitely not the most economical, or kind to the environment.  We had been wanting to get rid of the V8 for quite a while, and eventually finally managed to.  Since then we have been making an effort to reduce the amount of km we use the car for, hoping to save ourselves some money as well as increasing our fitness and reducing our carbon footprint.

Unfortunately there are a couple of places that we have to drive that it is just too inconvenient not to; work for me, and TAFE for John.  I work 40km from our house, and whilst it is possible to take the train, it just takes too long, and I am just not quite prepared to spend an extra two hours a day commuting.

When John visited the USA late last year he collected our new Surly Long Haul Truckers which are beautiful touring bikes.  I would have loved to purchase them in Australia, but unfortunately they are double the price here, and no Australian companies produce anything similar at the moment.IMG_0988

 My beautiful long haul trucker parked outside the gym

We have managed to reduce our car use by cycling to the gym, the supermarket when we don’t need to do a full shop, occasionally cycling to or from the city and visiting my parents.  We both absolutely love cycling, so this is a change to our lives that we are really enjoying, often going for long rides just for fun, and we are managing to save over $200 a month by no longer having to pay rego or insurance on our second car, plus what we are saving in petrol.


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